Edited proposals get a fast approval

Research proposals are required for all sorts of studies, whether it is a detailed 10000 words thesis or a brief 3000 words project. If there is a research design to be framed, or a literature review to be done, research proposal needs to be prepared and submitted. The length and scope of the proposal will depend on that of the dissertation. Normally a dissertation proposal varies between 5-20 pages.

Whatever be the nature of proposal, it has to be perfect if the researcher wants to get it approved in the first go. As there is a format for dissertation, so is there for a proposal also. It contains an introduction, a literature review, research design and a short conclusion. All this needs to be in order and written in a perfect language, suitable for the master’s degree. Editing services are available for dissertation proposals, which ensure that the proposal is error free and receives the proper response from the supervisor and the review committee.

Dissertation proofreading also includes a check of the proposal. Since the proposal is a vital part of the research, a researcher must make his best efforts for making the proposal in a way which can be followed for the detailed dissertation. It is basically a draft of what the researcher will produce in his research work and proves to be a framework to be followed, regarding the research design, data collection tools and data analysis tools. Proofreading of the proposal needs to be done so that the language and the grammar are as per the requirement. Editing and proofreading together make the proposal so perfect that it cannot be rejected.

Editors are also subject matter experts and check the reliability of the sources used in the literature review, the suitability of the tools chosen for data collection and analysis in the research design and the validity of aims of research or research questions mentioned in the introduction. Thus, all aspects of a proposal are reviewed.


Locate the best references

When a researcher looks for sources of reference and existing literature for review, he must not concentrate on one particular source. The researchers must take guidance for knowing the various sources which must be hunted to locate the exact information that one is looking for, and which will suffice the needs of the research. They must also know the ways to locate databases and use the correct language and syntax. Following this formula, they will be able to find the suitable keywords, subject, title and description to identify the relevant references.

Even though there are some standards to be followed and general terms that define a subject, there may be disparity in the way the researchers describe the topic. Especially in case of topics which are relatively new and work on them is in a nascent stage, there are variations in the keywords. So a researcher who has chosen such a topic or phenomenon from this genre will have to do considerable efforts in locating the correct references. PhD thesis editing will be helpful in judging whether the references used in research are appropriate and enough. The editors may suggest inclusion of some more references to enhance the value of the work. Doctoral scholars in the US universities must make use of PhD dissertation editing service for the research document.

Though it is the general view that editing is to be done after the research document is written completely, this is not compulsory. Dissertation editing services can be taken for parts of a dissertation. This means that a researcher might take assistance from professional editors after he has written the literature review, to check the quality and validity of references he has used. Doing so is doubly beneficial, as it ratifies the choice that the researcher has made, and in case there is any correction or addition to be made, it is better to do so before the complete dissertation is written.

The elements of literature review

As an essential part of a research work, the literature review seeks to attain information about a topic and gathers what all is known through existing works by researchers. The information such gathered has to be comprehensive, reliable and without any biases. The analysis of this information is done to answer the research questions. Thescientific projects used as reference, which have been done after a recognised process of research, impact the review.

Thevalidity of a study is dependent on the way in which its research design is prepared, sampling and data collection, as well as data analysis, are done.Moreover, the credibility of the researcher who has prepared the existing work, the date of publication, the sources which have been used in those works, the place of publication and its source of funding also impact the validity of the chosen reference. Redmark Editing can scan a reference work and tell whether it is suitable for the current research or not.

For a study that a researcher undertakes, he has to define the crucial terms and variables.He has to check whether the psychometric evidence and other type of statistical facts are present or not. Thecollection of data, from the selected sample, has to be done cautiously. The researcher will also have to state the reason for selecting the sample size. Once the draft has been prepared, it has to be checked thoroughly through dissertation editing services.

The objectives of the study have to be defined, along with description of the conditions under which the research is being conducted.Further details about the intervention and activities of the program will be provided. The task of editing a dissertation also includes checking if all this information is present or not.The editors check the reliability and validity of data, as well as description provided.